Thursday, May 15, 2008

Little Night Blizzard

The NFL off-season is like Plato's Ideal: every running back is a 2,000 yard rusher. Let's try to take note of every pro running back that discusses the possibility of rushing for 2,000 yards in 2008. Access Vikings reminds us that Adrian Peterson did so at the Pro Bowl.

Sid Hartman talks to Rich Gannon about Tarvaris Jackson (Star Tribune).

MinnPost on Kevin Seifert's move from the Star Tribune to ESPN (via 10,000 Takes). Seifert uses the phrase "multimedia synergy."

Mike Lombardi talks about three NFL myths that aren't true (Sports Illustrated). Two of the three mention the Vikings, and are particularly relevant to what the Vikes will be up to in 2008.

I like this site: Sports Cards Uncensored.

OK, off to watch The Office. I like it, but whenever I hear people heaping praises on Dwight Schrute as a wonderful television character, I want to move to England. He's a freaking caricature, not nearly as funny as his British counterpart, Gareth Keenan. And of course David Brent of the British version of the show is a quantifiable 150.6 times funnier than anybody on the American version.

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  1. I second your comments on the Office, but Dwight is still the funniest thing we got this side of the pond.