Wednesday, April 23, 2008

wwtb? takes a calm, reasoned approach to Jared Allen.

HH is happy, but says the Vikings gave up too many draft picks. PV says that draft picks are just meaningless numbers unless you turn them into quality players, and the Vikes just turned their picks into a quality player. I don't want to get into that, really; I want to ask some of the pragmatic, realistic questions Viking fans should ask. Namely:

Where is the next Super Bowl being played?
How much will it cost to get there?
Do we need to book a hotel, or will anybody mind if we just camp outside the stadium?

Some Viking fans may now see the weekend's draft as a boring time--The Vikes now have no 1st or 3rd round picks. I think it can still be quite exciting. Do a little research into current college players, and try to guess what players will be available with pick #32 in next year's draft. And when the Chiefs are on the clock with pick #17, just sing the "Dr. Zaius" song from The Simpsons, but substitute "Jared Allen" for "Dr. Zaius." On Youtube, smustryder posted a remix of the song with footage of the actual movie. This will help you.

Hopefully, when pick #17 comes up, you won't be able to not be singing "Jared Allen Jared Allen, Jared Allen Jared Allen, Jared Allen Jared Allen Jared Allen, Jared Allen."

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