Sunday, April 27, 2008

What the Vikes fixed

In February, I ranked the Viking off-season position needs. Free Agency is mostly finished, and the draft is over. Let's sum up how the Vikes addressed these needs.

1. Wide Receiver
signed Bernard Berrian, drafted Jaymar Johnson in the 6th round.*

2. Quarterback
signed Gus Frerotte, drafted John David Booty in the 5th round.

3. Safety
signed Madieu Williams, signed Michael Boulware, drafted Tyrell Johnson in the 2nd round.**

4. Defensive End
traded for Jared Allen.***

Are you satisfied with the Vikings' off-season efforts to improve the team at these positions?

I have suggested I'd like to see the team bring in more wide receivers: Bernard Berrian excites me, but the wide receiver position was so weak last season that the team could try more players. Then again, if they brought in more wide receivers, perhaps they wouldn't have had the resources to fill some of the other needs. It's still a position that scares me, but perhaps Berrian, Sidney Rice, Bobby Wade, and Robert Ferguson can make up a productive unit for a run-first, defense-oriented team.

I'm still boggled at quarterback: the team should have done more to, at the very least, acquire a competent backup should Tarvaris Jackson either struggle or get injured. So much on offense now rides on a 3rd year Division I-AA quarterback with 14 career starts. John David Booty is a helpful addition--a long-term plan should Jackson fail. But I wish there were a more reliable veteran than Gus Frerotte (who is probably completely finished) on the roster should the team need to turn to a vet, for whatever reason.

I am completely satisfied with the Vikings' moves at safety and defensive end.

* I'm not counting re-signing Robert Ferguson, since that is a move of retention, not addition. Perhaps I should include trading Troy Williamson away as a move toward improvement.
**the Vikes also signed a player they are listing as "DB," Benny Sapp.
***the Vikes also signed two players they are listing as "DL," Ellis Wyms and Kendrick Allen.


  1. I think that the moves made at wide-out should be sufficient. Now, there will be Rice, Wade, Allison and Ferguson returning from last year, with a whole year with the KAO under their collective belt; Berrian will more than capably replace Williamson, of course; and now Jaymar Johnson will compete with Allison and Ferguson for the fourth and fifth roster spots.

    I'm most concerned that we did nothing to bolster depth at tackle, and we still have no real threat at tight end.

  2. That's a good point, we really could have used a tight end.

    Side note- These word verifications are getting damn-near impossible!

  3. A coworker today said that wide receivers are a dime a dozen. Apparently the Vikes don't have any loose change lying around. I think the Vikings going to find what the Bears found so frustrating with Berrian really soon, and with more emphasis, since he will be the go to guy for Jackson. Good luck, Vikes

  4. Anonymous10:58 AM

    I know it sounds crazy, but if the Vikings are going to commit young unproven qbs and Gus Ferrotte, then they should go fo broke with regards to the 2nd most important position, and try to trade for Jason Taylor with some of next year's draft picks; perhaps even including their first rounder, and assuming thay can handle the 16 milion remaining on Taylor's contract.

    This team isn't young enough to be thinking in terms of four years from now, and if you're committed to unproven qbs or old mediocre qbs, then you need to have some other way to wins a lot of games, and that means defensive line play.

  5. Why do I feel like Chad Pennington would turn the Vikes into an 11 or 12 win team?

  6. I think Booty was the right call. (Sorry, I couldn't resist the pun.) He is a stronger, younger Chad Pennington, methinks. Aside from Sage Rosenfels and Derek Anderson, both of whom proved too pricey, who could we have signed?

    It doesn't matter that Berrian is not Jerry Rice. He's only being asked to replace Williamson on the roster in every sense: he's the speedy deep threat, but this time one who will catch the ones that hit him in the chest. That alone gives the Vikings two more wins last season.

    Stonewall will get better over the offseason. Expect less jump-passes and better touch on his throws. Remember after Thanksgiving at the Meadowlands when he looked like the better QB on the field?

  7. PV done wrote: "Why do I feel like Chad Pennington would turn the Vikes into an 11 or 12 win team?"

    Because you didn't see Pennington play much last year? Seriously, his arm is shot. Remember how bad it was watching Brad Johnson try and throw a 15 yard out? Or get it past any LB on a crossing route? Pennington is as bad if not worse, and can't air out a 40 yard bomb either.

    The QB options are pretty damn limited out there, and the Vikings aren't that bad off considering. Frerotte has more left than Pennington, sad to say.

  8. Yeah, trust me, Pennington is NOT the answer. I think David Carr might thrive with the Vikings's too bad we can't find a way to lure him over.

  9. monkey bait10:49 AM

    with efforts of spending made by Ziggy so far, I could still forsee MN picking up another proven WR, such as Roy Williams or Anquaan Bolden for possibly a pick(s) in 2009 even Shockey from giants. One more proven reciever could bolster/if not guarantee post season success. Defense blows my mind ..... 3 ProBowl Linemen!!!!