Thursday, November 04, 2010

National Friday League, Week 9

Other demands on my time will prevent a good National Friday League post this week (shut up, PV: you've never written a "good" National Friday League post). Just a few quick points, then off to my business. This is essentially my bye week.

Here I am now; entertain me.
As disappointing as the Vikings have been, they have certainly given us a lot to talk about these past few months. It's one crazy story after another, but at least it is stories. At this point, I try to tone down the emotional investment, wave my hands in the air, and try to just watch the show. This show is more farce than tragedy, so at least there will be some laughs.

Vikings-Cardinals Preview
I think what you need to know about the Arizona Cardinals is the scores of their road games:

I know I'm waiting to be entertained, but the only thing that will entertain me if the Vikings lose this game is seeing Leslie Frazier coach for the rest of the year.

Hmm...why might Brad Childress not care about eating a 3rd round draft pick?
Might Childress have a feeling he might not be around to benefit from the use of that 3rd round draft pick?

A stranger in a parking lot complimented my fedora this week. The Vikings and the Timberwolves may suck beyond repair. I may be trapped under a pile of papers and exams that need to be graded. I may have the annual autumn cold that clings for weeks. But nobody is taking that moment from me, baby!

Have a good weekend everybody. Except Cardinal and Packer fans.


  1. Anonymous12:31 PM

    Remember after the Love Boat scandal, how the Vikings went on to win something like 6 straight games to get back into the playoff race? That's kinda what I'm anticipating the rest of the season, mainly because the schedule lightens up. I don't think people realize how tough this schedule has beeen thus far. At New Orleans, Miami, at Jets, at Packers, at Patriots. Coming up, though, are the Cardinals, Bears (complete frauds), Bills, Redskins and Lions. Back in 2005 the schedule lightened up considerably as well, when the Vikings played teams like Ryan Fitzpatrick's Rams and Trent Dilfer/Charlie Frye's Browns.

    I think schedule strength gets underestimated. Compare Minnesota's first seven against Kansas City: Chargers, Browns, 49ers, Colts, Texans, Jaguars, Bills. Note that the Chiefs lost to the two toughest teams on their schedule, Indy and Houston. But by virtue of playing in the AFC West, which is playing the NFC West this season, the Chiefs are basically going to waltz into a 10 win season. Give them Minnesota's opening slate and they'd probably be 2-5 as well.

  2. Vikings vs Titans superbowl!!! We get Mossed as Jeff Fischer shows how to incorporate Randy Moss into an offense

  3. Plinthy the Middling3:54 AM

    Anon (or, Anon 1, should another show up): I very doubt the Redskins count as cupcakes, and every game Studdabaker Suh and company play is a couple of steps further away from being floor-mats and closer to being serious hemi-challengers; so, yes, the schedule lightens up, but only to a lighter shade of early lunch pail.

    Besides, these Vikings, from the last NFC final on, appear committed to honing the historical team specialty of finding some unfathomable play or two to blow the game, regardless the quality of opposition, almost as if the opposing brain trust goes into the given week knowing that, while the precise means is as yet unknown, these Vikings WILL come up with some variation on on their season-long theme of To Live and Lets Lose.

    Its become pathelogical.

  4. Anonymous8:57 AM

    Moss just described on ESPN as "the greatest talent cheater in the history of the NFL". I agree