Sunday, November 21, 2010


Fire Childress now.

Turn the team over to Joe freaking Webb.

Get a G.M. who is prepared to fully rebuild the defensive secondary and the offensive line: both units badly need it.

Go Bears: may you win the division easily.

Go T-Wolves: may you get a backcourt that can support Beasley and Love.

And now, as the Vikings punt at the end of the third quarter, I take a cue from my dad: when the Vikings suck, there is always yard work. Those Christmas lights aren't going to put themselves up. And the Vikings aren't doing squat.

Later, suckers (and if the Vikings somehow come back from down 21, I'll gladly suck down every word here. Not literally, of course).


  1. Plinthy the Middling2:50 PM

    Before today, I would have expected to be with you on each and every point on your list here, EXCEPT the first, unless the successor is immediately available (and I can point to several prior comments I've made here to back this up and in explaining why).

    Now though, with Chilly leaving Favre in all day long in spite of a proven inability to understand that human receivers are actually generally under 12 feet tall and that off-balance under-pressure desperation throws into coverage are a mortal sin, I am with you completely. If Favre has no interest in staying around to pitch in with the education of Joe W, time to put stuff them both into a pick-up headed back to the swampy pastures of southern Mississippi.

    (Also, perhaps Ziggy can recover some of the ... ahem ... thrown away costs of eating the rest of Favre's contract, by putting him up for stud. Evidently Latins and New Yorkers are two market categories too intelligent to fall for this, but last time I looked Haylah Bubba was still guv'nah, and all they all still vote straight Rahpublican, so there should be lots of takers.)

  2. Anonymous3:20 PM

    I gotta admit I relish seeing Childress and his massive FAIL. He was an arrogant jerk at Wisky and it's clear in his patterns now that Brad thinks everyone else is the issue. Just outstanding.

    Oh, and sorry Viking fans. Seriously. This team has real talent. Too bad the coaching staff is led by Neville Chamberlain.

  3. Anonymous4:22 PM

    In our freakin' backyard... sheesh. This team is the laughing stock of the NFL.

  4. Anonymous4:37 PM

    Wow, I hate to say it but the better team won today. We need to blow up this team and start over from almost every position. Last year was our window and we missed it!

  5. Anonymous5:21 PM

    NO coaching on this team, led by Childress. Bevell is in way over his head. Frazier is not showing he has it all figured out. Favre is sucking so bad he deserves to be benched. Him playing the whole game just shows Childress is not in control
    Play for draft picks and PV is correct, we have plenty of needs.
    So frustrating. AP should ask to be traded. What a waste of talent. It seems we have about 4 running plays for him. The offensive line is horrible.
    I felt the saem last year about Favre, Childress, and the offensive line. They just got away with things when everything went their way. This year may be more of a real show.
    It is hard to watch and today I had to listen to the radio. Thanks goodness the roads were icy and I turned that off as well.
    I felt the team quit last week and it sounded like it this week. I heard fro J-rod that there was a few sideline incidents. No proof, but I think the team hates Childress so bad they won't play for the idiot anymore. Ziggy has to make a move.
    Maybe the good new will be the balckouts the next few home games.
    PV, good move with the Christmas lights!

  6. Anonymous10:07 PM

    Zygi Wilf's stubborn idiocy is going to cost him a stadium. There's no way the state of Minnesota is going to agree to help pay for a stadium for a team like this. And it's all Wilf's fault, because he handed the keys to his stadium push to an incompetent head coach. This franchise had a good head coach on the roster; his name was Mike Tomlin, and he already has one Super Bowl under his belt.

    I hope this team completely bottoms out, so there is complete rebuilding done. The worst thing that happened to this team this season was beating Arizona, giving Childress a couple more weeks, but now hopefully the team is bottoming out so he has no chance of survival, and the coaching staff and roster will be rebuilt. My advice to fans in Minnesota is to not go to any games, and don't spend any money on Viking merchandise. The only way Wilf will truly understand how unacceptable this team is is in his pocketbook. Force him to eat a ton of money on Childress' contract that he stupidly extended, and force him to lose money on his bloated $150M roster.

    Childress is incompetent and always has been, but you have to evaluate the evaluators as well, and right now Wilf's judgement in finding the right people to guide this team is poor. Childress was an offensive coordinator who didn't call plays, and somehow that made him qualified to be our head coach. Childress guides a 9-7 team in 2005 to 6-10 in 2006, and we let Tomlin go to Pittsburgh rather than fire Childress and his awful offense and elevate the obviously talented Tomlin. So Wilf needs to take as much blame as Childress. Childress is incompetent, but he didn't hire himself.

  7. Anonymous11:17 PM

    Childress lost control of this team as soon as he signed Favre and allowed him to set all of the rules. Favre hasn't been forced to attended any minicamps or even training camp, and Childress allows this. That was the moment he lost control of this team, and you can see it in other player's actions. Adrian Peterson skipped a minicamp to attend Adrian Peterson day. Sidney Rice didn't get hip surgery right away, and then didn't come off PUP as soon as he probably could have. Bernard Berrian blindsides the team a week ago by pulling himself out with a groin injury before they can deactivate him.

    Being a head coach in this league involves leadership, and Childress ceded his leadership position by allowing Favre to walk all over him. Remember last year when Childress tried to pull Favre from the Carolina game, but Favre refused? No player should be allowed to walk over his coach like that. Favre should have been forced to attend training camp a year ago, thus sending the message to the whole team that no one is above the team. As soon as the decision was made that Favre could skip training camp, Childress lost all control of this team, and while problems didn't pop up a year ago, they've popped up in a big way this season.

  8. Plinthy the Middling10:28 AM

    I suppose this is also a good time to raise WHAT IN HELL Childress has been thinking by giving away draft choices for invisible players: just since this "season", one donated to NY Giants benevolent fund and three to keeping Pats coach Belichick interested in future Super Bowls. I really fail to understand how the next head coach is going to be able to address stocking both an offensive line and a defensive backfield with not even enough draft picks to cover a few special teams kamikaze types and some guy to bring the coaches coffee.

    Hard to care much longer, though: no way public funds in this economy are going to a new stadium, no way to avoid a lock-out obliterating the next season, and so no way Ziggy fails to back up the moving trucks in the dead of night and move the entire franchise into a secure facility of the San Fernando Valley in southern California. LA Lakers was bad enough; starting in 2012, we will be expected to pony up our bottle deport refund proceeds to watch the LA Vikings on pay per view.

  9. Anonymous12:01 PM

    Hey -- as of 12CST --ktalk & ESPN is reporting chilly is HISTORY!!!.. I suppose 50,000 fans in the Metrodome chanting that & being heard of national TV - made an impact to the front office

  10. Access Vikings is alos reporting he's been fired and the Vikes have issued a press release.

    Leslie Frazier in the interim head coach.

    I guess Frazier was the logical choice. But this year hasn't exactly been a banner one for his unit, either.

  11. Anonymous12:48 PM

    I feel like the Munchkins in the Wizard of Oz chanting the "wicked witch is dead".
    Frazier has a 6 week job interview with the Vikings.
    Play T Jack and see if he can play too. Or draft high and get a QB ( and of offensive line and a defensive line and some defensive backs, etc)

  12. Anonymous3:13 PM

    this firing came several years too late but better late than never. Now let's hope Frazier has the smarts to sit favre and see what Jackson can do. Egad, what a mess.