Sunday, October 10, 2010

Washington 16, Green Bay 13 (OT)

When the Vikings win, we can simply say "Skol." I think we need a word for when the Packers lose. Your suggestions are welcome.


  1. Anonymous3:41 PM


  2. Let's forget the Packers for a second. The Bears next three opponents are Seattle and Washington (at home) and then Buffalo (in Toronto). They could very well be 7-1 by the time they face the Vikings on Nov. 14.

  3. Buzzkill!

    I could answer that the performance of the Bears' offensive line (and for that matter, QBs) has made me less fearful of them as a yearlong threat. But the truth is, even if the Vikings disbanded right now, I would still devote a considerable amount of energy to rooting against the Packers. I dislike them almost independently, and for personal reasons. The Bears I only dislike as rivals of the Vikings, but I take almost independent pleasure in Packer losses.

  4. Plinthy the Middling7:24 AM

    bcdunkel, you came close to the standard English upper class twit phrase for expressing fake sympathy for your opponent having experienced bad luck in the game, when in fact you are delighted at his misfortune (in German, Schadenfreude):
    hard cheese.

    An example by the incomparable Terry Thomas:

    If you win this contest and PV decides to splurge and award you a brand spanking new American made fuel-efficient compact automobile, with extra-long extension cord, I will claim one free return transportation in it for the next home game against the Cattleherders.

  5. What's the Minnesota Vikings moto for 2010?

    Stomping on your heart, one loss at a time?

  6. Anonymous11:51 PM

    Where's your score posting for MNF? J-E-T-S Jets, Jets, Jets!

  7. Anonymous6:55 PM

    Hard Cheese!

    Fromage fort!

    Hard fromage!

    How pathetic is a Jets troll to show up here?

  8. Anonymous7:27 AM

    Douche Chill!