Sunday, October 24, 2010

Staying on the ledge

That game was like a bed of nails; I've got no desire to rehash it. Terrible. Terrible.


  1. Seeming like a Ref Job!

  2. Anonymous11:25 PM

    Here is the thing I can't forgive....2 and 6 on the Vikes 36 yd line with 35 seconds left and 2 timeouts and you don't try to at least get in FG position. It wasn't like the Vikes were struggling that drive (or that quarter for that matter).

    Brad Childress is an idiot. I miss the guy who always posted in here bashing Childress....can he come back, please? C'mon FIRE CHILDRESS NOW! Guy, where are you?

  3. Anonymous12:43 AM

    Another one lost by the refs. 3 TOUCHDOWNS OVERTURNED?

    Hope Favre is okay. I'm hoping this all plays out with a just-when-all-hope-is-lost-everything-turns-around vibe, but knowing the Vikes this year will probably just be an expensive version of the '08 season.

  4. Anonymous12:58 AM

    No doubt going into halftime with two timeouts and 37 seconds remaining was chicken, but it wasn't even close to being Childress' biggest blunder. Doesn't even rank in the top 100, frankly.

    This team is an expensive disaster, not unlike the Titanic. I'm going to list some expensive players, and you tell me which one is living up to his contract.
    Brett Favre
    Jared Allen
    Bernard Berrian
    Kevin Williams
    Pat Williams
    Madieu Williams
    Steve Hutchinson
    Randy Moss

    Those are probably the 8 most expensive contracts on the team, and none have been worth it this year. I hate to say it, but the Super Bowl window has closed on this team. Wilf will no doubt cut costs after spending so much for so little, and the roster is getting old anyways.

    Brett Favre is a bad QB this year; there is just no getting around it. Two of his INTs were horrific, and the underhand throw wasn't near a receiver. You know what his play reminds me of? Gus Frerotte circa 2008. Mostly inaccurate, some dumb decisions, with a few good throws sprinkled in. People will want to blame it on injuries, but if you're going to play then you're going to get held to a high standard. If you can't play well, then don't play.

    I hope you all feel foolish for ever believing Moss was going to be an impact player. There's a reason the Patriots willingly traded him at midseason, and it's because he jogs through half of his routes and makes few impact plays. He caught 9 passes in 4 games for New England; the Vikings never were getting an impact player and it was stupid to ever believe they were.

    Anyone blaming the refs for this loss is delusional. The Vikings lost because their QB made a couple horrific decisions, and they aren't a good team. There is one player on this team currently playing at a high level, and that's Peterson. Everyone else should be docked pay for what they're doing.

    Actually, I take that back; Bryant McKinnie is playing really well also. Have you noticed DeMarcus Ware and Clay Matthews the past two weeks? That's because McKinnie has been shutting them down.

    Let me put it this way; the Vikings could be 2-4 with Jackson starting. All of the hullabaloo about Favre was a waste of time; the guy sucks and the rest of the team regressed as well. Remember that throw against Detroit when Percy Harvin was wide open and he still forced him to stretch for it? Same thing tonight, only Shiancoe couldn't catch it as cleanly. If you can't hit open receivers in this league you can't play, and Favre is not hitting open receivers. Jackson could be doing this.

  5. How can you not blame the Refs for allowing the Packers that one footed loss of possession falling on my butt TD? Also how can you not blame them for not letting Shaincoe get that TD? You are delusional sir!

  6. Anonymous10:26 AM

    {sigh} This season has been so depressing. Last year the stars were aligned and this year the universe is against us. Just a dagger in the heart every week. Some thoughts.

    1. I know I am homer here but the Referee Green should be reprimanded for mangling that review. They changed the rulebook specifically to allow that play. Considering it was called a TD on the field there is zero reason to overturn it. I want an explanation.

    2. Taking a knee at the end of the half with all our timeouts was classic Childress. I loved Randy's disgust. Every Viking fan felt the same.

    3. QBs are going to throw picks but the one that went for six was embarrassing. That should never happen in the NFL. Looked like something you would see in Pee Wee football.

    There is plenty more to talk about in terms of the officiating. It was poorly officiated and all of the calls went against us.

    We need to beat a very good Patriot team next week. Go Vikes !

  7. Anonymous2:04 PM

    Favre was, and is, horrible. Childress needs to get a set and bench him. Problem is, his choice for a QB is not any better.
    Childress is responsible for challenging a TD that a play lands on his ass out of bounds. No excuse.
    Announcers blame Moss and Percy for two of the interceptions. "Didn't finish their routes". Bull crap. Terrible throws result in int.
    Jared Allen is playing like a journey man. Not even a top 20 defensive end. Maybe no sacks so he can save money for being fined on his roping act!
    Thanks goodness for AP. He iand Percy are about the only two offensive players worth watching. Moss is a tremendous disappointment. Maybe New England did know what they were doing?
    I am seeing 3-5 at the half way point of the season. That is a long way to catch up. Lucky to be in the division we are in.
    Still a fan, but frustrated!
    Refs bad, yes. But we did not deserve to win. Ref was not bad on Loadholt face mask, which was bad at that point in the game and field.
    Poor play and poor coaching. Results in 2-4 records.

  8. Anonymous3:46 PM

    Will they reprimand the official ?

    Childress also said the NFL has told him Visanthe Shiancoe's touchdown Sunday night should not have been overruled, and that if he had challenged the second Packers touchdown to tight end Andrew Quarless that it would have been overruled. Quarless did not appear to have complete possession of the ball as he went to the ground after catch Aaron Rodgers' pass.

    "I asked, 'Was it a catch upstairs [to the Vikings assistants who monitor the replays]?' It came back over one replay quickly, they said, 'It looks like a catch.' I thought the timing was much different on that catch that could have been questionable than Shiancoe's. They typically tell you that the timing will be, if there's a question, will hold it on the extra point so guys can get a look at it upstairs. I just thought it went quicker and then it went to a commercial. Obviously by the time you kick the try it's too late [to challenge]. When you get a chance to slow it down and get a look at again.

    "Do I wish I would have [challenged]? Yeah, I do wish I would have because I was told it would have been an incomplete pass. Just like I was told this morning that [Shiancoe's catch] was a touchdown by [NFL head of officials] Carl Johnson and that he was disappointed to see that reversed."

  9. The games are so emotional and intense while they're happening, that immediately after any attempt I make to use reason seems cheap. Most of you are hitting on the points I would have wanted to make.

    Favre should have stayed retired: his passes are frequently inaccurate, and his decision making has been poor. This was the third game that you can pin on his turnovers--and yes, in each of those games you could pin it on other things too, but you have to really want to pin it on other things to not pin it on a QB's three turnovers. I know this is crazy, but I think the Vikes might be 3-3 or even 4-2 right now with Jackson rather than Favre: not because Jackson is better than Favre, but because Jackson calls for a more conservative game plan that, I think, would have given the Vikes better chances in a couple of their games.

    Collinsworth has a long history of trying to blame Favre's picks on anybody except Favre--but I will give him credit for pointing out receivers Favre missed and inaccurate passes.

    But our secondary got bailed out by Aaron Rodgers' incompetence, too. When the Packers were clicking, the Viking secondary looked helpless. Luckily, Rodgers was regularly throwing the ball nowhere. The game is also an indication of why a QB's record in close games is pretty pointless. That game goes for a win in Rodgers' record in close games, but what did he do after the midway point of the third quarter? Nothing. Close wins and losses aren't on the QB alone, but the team and the opponent, too.

    Adrian Peterson is back at the peak of his powers, and yet it becomes hard to appreciate him when immediately after every game we're lamenting how close the Vikings were to winning but they didn't.

    I agree with 4gotmorethanuknow: the refs made mistakes, but those mistakes are, for me, overshadowed by the Vikings' own mistakes.

    I think this team can still get to 9-10 wins. And I hope that will be enough.

  10. I see Childress was livid at the refs after the loss and partially blaming them for the result. Lots of Vikes fans blaming the officiating as well.

    There certainly were some tough calls that went against the Vikings, but lets consider this:
    The Packers didn't have Nick Barnett, didn't have Cullen Jenkins, didn't have Al Harris, didn't have Jermichael Finley or Ryan Grant, and didn't have Ryan Pickett for much of the game - and all of them are good-to-very-good players. And the Vikings still couldn't beat them.

    If the Vikes want to blame anyone for the loss, they best look in the mirror today.

  11. Anonymous6:12 PM


    Nor did the Vikings have Dick Butkus, Johnny Unitas, Jerry Rice, or Mike Webster. It doesn't matter who the Packers did not have available for the game, they played with who they had. And the Vikings probably would have beaten who the Packers were able to put on the field, but for two horrible officiating calls. You can argue that that indicates that the Vikings need to improve, if and when they play a full-strength Packers' team, but you cannot say that because the Packers were missing key players last night that the poor officiating was not directly tied to the outcome. That's beyond merely acknowledging that the Vikings could have and should have played better, in spite of the bad calls.


  12. VG:

    What I was basically trying to say in my last response is that in my view, the Vikings (and Favre's) poor play was more responsible for this loss than poor officiating.

    If you fancy yourself a legitimate playoff team, and you're facing a team missing a lot of key players, it shouldn't have to come down to that.

    Two of Favre's pick resulted in 14 Packer points, and the other killed a potential Viking scoring drive. Was that a result of poor officiating?

  13. Anonymous11:30 PM

    What's particularly frustrating is I don't even find the this team all that likeable: From its mercenary team-building approach to the ying and yang of Favre, from its underachieving nature to its know-it-all head's all just becoming hard to watch.

    Anyway, I'm ready to pull the plug on Favre. I'm a TJack skeptic, but I'm willing to see what he's got now that he's had more than enough time to develop. And they have to eventually make a decision on QB next year, anyway. TJack? Jake Locker?

    Admittedly, I'm a bit obsessed on the team's longterm solution at QB and I'm hopeful they don't yet again go with a vet near the end like McNabb. For as long as I can remember, this franchise has often opted for greybeards who made their names elsewhere before donning purple: Jim McMahon, Jeff George, Warren Moon, Randall Cunningham, Brett Favre... Outside of Tommy Kramer (whom I barely remember) and, for a few seasons, maybe Daunte, they haven't really had "their" guy. I think this habit partly explains the team's inconsistent nature, or why they too often seem in flux, as depending on QBs at such advanced ages is a tactic prone to peaks and valleys. But who knows?


  14. Anonymous8:37 PM

    Childress gets fined for complaining about the officials. NFL says officials blew calls. Childress was right and pays a fine?
    Doesn't seem fair.

  15. Anonymous10:25 AM

    It's Pat and Kevin's fault; that's why the NFL hates the Vikings.