Friday, March 19, 2010

From inside this pothole I've fallen in, I can hear city officials making plans to fix potholes.

Whenever I come across a story about the NFL's proposed changes to overtime rules for playoff games, I sort of want to throw up.


  1. While I agree, I want to throw up even more when I hear, in their defense, some "analyst" who doesn't understand basic math saying, "It's fair! You've got a perfectly good chance to win if you lose the toss, all you have to do is stop them!"

  2. Other than the post season,where it cannot happen for obvious reasons. What the heck is wrong with ending games in ties. It opens up so many more possibilities as far as play-off scenarios. There would be 2-3 more teams in the play-off hunt going in to the final game each year. This is what the NFL wants, keeping fans engaged with the drama of their teams. This in turn means more ticket sales, television viewers, more revenue!