Friday, July 09, 2010

Resolving the great culture war of our time

Edward is extraordinarily dull; he may as well be part of the scenery for as little as he brings to the screen. Jacob has some screen presence, some charisma, some vigor, some verve. When he's in a scene, you know he's in a scene.

Still, if choosing Edward means becoming a vampire and living longer (maybe not forever, but until somebody tears you to shreds and burns the pieces), then that means getting more chances to see the Vikings just maybe win the Super Bowl. Probably, it will take becoming a vampire and living a few more centuries to see that happen.


  1. Anonymous11:00 PM

    If thing remain the same, and the Vikings move to LA because they don't get their new stadium. It won't matter, as I will never watch Pro football again.

  2. Anonymous7:40 AM

    What I get out of this post is that the Saints game killed more of your spirit than even you understood.


  3. It's been coming to me, rk. While I follow the Vikes again, I can't even see a name or a photo of any Saints players without feeling icky. Last night I was in a dark room feeding my youngest for bed, and suddenly things of that game came back to me: well, PV sitting in a dark room getting sad while thinking of a football game from six months ago is probably the stereotype I've built of myself on this blog.

    And here's a quote from my other blog about some of my pessimism about the world:

    "And then there are the Minnesota Vikings. It may seem trivial in the big picture, but for over a decade, I believed at the beginning of each season that the Vikings were going to finally win the Super Bowl that season. After all the massive hopes of the 2009 season, for it to end the way it did in that NFC title game, I've gone into sports despair, which no doubt effects my broader view."

    I wonder, if the Vikes had won it all, would I be more optimistic, saying things like "Oh, don't worry, we'll solve the problem of these looming environmental disasters. We can do it!" Maybe, maybe not.