Thursday, April 08, 2010

Why old sports cards are awesome

My mom and dad are slowly making me move out my many, many shoe boxes of old sports cards currently in their storage room. As I've been flipping through them, I came across a 1992-93 Skybox card for Dallas Mavericks coach Richie Adubato. Because the spirit moved me, I flipped the card over to read this blurb on the back:

"Richie enjoys tennis, Broadway shows and shopping for ties."

These thoughts immediately came to mind.

--Surely Adubato is the inspiration for those "Most Interesting Man in the World" commercials, right? We've got no doubt about this now.

--In the past 15 years, how many times has anybody not related to Richie Adubato looked at the back of a Richi Adubato card? Once? Twice? I feel a little like I'm an archeologist that's the first living human to stumble into a long-buried tomb in centuries.

--Is this the greatest card blurb ever? Surely nothing can top this, right?


  1. I had a similar discovery last summer, as I was giving a few of my baseball cards to my nephew. He had started to collect them and I thought a few cards from the Eighties might help keep him interested. Of course I gave him the mandatory Kirby Puckett, Mark McGwire,and Jack Morris. As I was reminiscing through my own cards I found Willy McGee, without a doubt the homeliest man in baseball. I remember thinking the same thing back then, but still being true after 25 years is the true test.

  2. Ha! This is awesome! I just dug out a bunch of my old Minnesota Twins cards. Now I'm actually going to READ the back of them! :-)

  3. Anonymous7:53 PM

    Can't wait for more cards to get to your house!

  4. The absolute best part of that card is the tie he is wearing on the front.

    We need a scan to show just how awesome it is. Seriously, it is a visual assault on the senses.