Monday, December 28, 2009


It's another stoic Minnesotan lesson. Do no get excited. Do not get your hopes up. You will be disappointed. There will be suffering.

I'm going to go pretend there's no such thing as football. Comment as you will.


  1. Anonymous11:23 PM

    The good: Favre & Sidney getting it done. The bad: Peterson's costly fumble at the crucial point in the game, yeah it seems to happen a lot! The Ugly: Winefield's complete lack of speed and situational awareness on the last play, wtf were you thinking man?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?

  2. Winfield has got to be playing hurt. He's only looked good on a half dozen plays since returning. I wonder if he's doing more harm than good....

  3. Anonymous11:38 PM

    He sure does look like he's lost more than a few steps, hopefully if we somehow get the #2 seed by the grace of God, he can rest.
    But it's looking like we'll be 1 and done in the Wild Card round : ( I hope the Vikes prove me wrong!

  4. Saving grace, the Arizona Cardinals last year finished 2-3 and were written off in the NFC. They were beat late in the season, handily, by the Favre-less Vikings. Then, a veteran quarterback already given up on twice (or was it three times) in his career, leads them to within a hair of their first Superbowl. And with less weapons and a weaker defense than these Vikings.

    I will not give up hope.

  5. Anonymous2:51 AM

    AP is a diva. Just has not learned to run and hold onto the football at the same time. Loser

  6. Anonymous8:10 AM

    Need to bench Winfield. Team showed a lot of heart, Favre and WRs played very well. Coaches need to get it through their heads that this team is not a great running team, but a great passing team with a good running back. With the defense playing so poorly there's really no shot at a play off run.


  7. Anonymous8:35 AM

    I am a balloon. I have been popped.

    Correction RK, played well for a half. The other half was pathetic....again.

    I hate football. What a stupid game. Now I am just po'd AND hungover.

    When is spring training again?


  8. Peter8:55 AM


  9. Anonymous9:25 AM

    I am going to need therapy for my Viking addiction as its killing me. I lied awake all night thinking about the game. Why would they allow Jasper Brinkley to single cover Olsen ? Why wouldn't you send some exotic blitz packages to put pressure on Cutler when your front is not getting it done ? Where did Winfield go ? How can a ball get punched out at such a critical moment ? Why me (us) !!! :)

  10. Anonymous10:23 AM

    Childress gets a contract extension and some complain. Winfield gets an extension and he is hurt for 6 games. Then Carolina burned him. Then some unknown from the Bears beats him for the winning TD. He is eaiterh hurt or soft.

    AP may be a good running back, but he needs to hang on to the football to be great. Catch a screen, run 12 yards, then turn back INTO two defenders! Why not get what you can get and go out of bounds? I know he wants to show he is a man, but by cutting into two guys to get three more yards is not smart football.

    I think they beat the Giants and the Cowboys beat Philly. Have the bye to wake up.

    Very hard to watch the first half on Monday night.

    Hope for better days.

  11. Anonymous10:50 AM

    Minnesota gets the bye. You heard it hear first.

  12. Anonymous11:48 AM

    Shit. At least we draft well. How about another safety M.Williams arms never go over his shoulders.(Maybe because hes never near the ball) Tyrell blows secondary sucks a pucker

  13. Anonymous11:56 AM

    MY viking flag will hang upside down until they flop at home against whoever.

  14. Anonymous12:12 PM

    Yeah, our safties do blow. We need two new ones. The Vikes are the only team I've ever heard of whose safties are invisible. You never ever hear their names called, except for missed tackles or penalties on occasion.

    However, could part of that be the scheme? The coaches? Sharper was a washed up bum with the Vikes, now a pro-bowler with the Saints. Has to play a part.


  15. Anonymous12:22 PM

    after the performance over the last month, it's really difficult to see how this team won't crap the bed in the first round of the playoffs. Even though it's a home game these guys look like they are ready to start their vacations a little early this year.

    Where's the fire? Sense of urgency? Why wait until the second half of the Bears game to show up? I don't get it. Easy to blame Chilly since he's such a douche. But what about the players? What's wrong with these guys?

  16. Anonymous12:26 PM

    It's gut check time.

  17. PV:

    Your brief post has elicited plenty of comments, but for my Internet reading pleasure, I was selfishly hoping you'd have a bit more to add.

  18. Anonymous3:11 PM

    Be honest Vike fans. We are gonna WRECK the Giants like there is no ****** tommorow. BTW, two of the last three Superbowl winning teams lost Week 16 (Steelers + Colts). This game was very symbollic in that the first half we suuucked. The Vikes then eventually come over that to play a great 2nd half and be who we really are. The overtime was just a pointless "thing" to see who wins this game. We will see those 2nd half Vikes from here on out.

    Plus, Does anyone else see Chilly's pattern....
    First year- 6-10
    Second Year- 8-8
    Third Year- 10-6
    Very probable ending to this year- 12-4

    Two years from now we're undefeated.

    SKOL VIKES AND AMERICA'S TEAM (we need u Romo)

  19. Anonymous7:42 PM

    i also was awake last night not able to sleep. i kept running the game through my mind thinking of ways that would have given us the lead. my dreams were all about us not missing the field goal or AD not letting the ball go. it seems that AD gets fumbles wen they punch the ball out, and they do that a lot to him.. otherwise he has been holding on fine.


  20. Anonymous8:11 PM

    Peterson needs to put two arms & both hands on the ball when he makes contact, only when he is running free should he have the ball in just his right hand! Bienemy will grill him this week, rest assured! What a flukey loss that we ultimately deserved because of awful 1st half, I'm over it and can't wait for the Vikes to go undefeated at Home! It ain't over yet!

  21. Anonymous9:27 PM

    The funny thing was that as he was running that exact run I said out loud to my bro , "Dont fumble".....he fumbled. I truly do believe in sixth senses like that when it comes to football.

  22. Best analysis of the Vikings offensive woes I have seen. Trent Dilfer talking to Pioneer Press:

    So true, Childress has no feel as a play caller and the square peg/round hole analogy fits his offense to a tee. I'd rather go down in flames with Favre than have another conservative Childress game. There are slants open all the time, its Brett's favorite throw! The goal line situations where Favre wanted to keep the same personnel out there explains it all. First time, subs come in, Peterson stuffed. Next time, no substitutions (for Defense either, which is the point), and Peterson strolls in.

    I can't believe they gave Childress an extension after half a season. With no Favre they're back to 7 to 10 wins next year.

  23. Anonymous9:23 AM

    There is football and you will be watching as usual on Sunday. Even pacing as we all know you do.
    Relax! The Vikes will win vs Giants. I do think the Cowboys will win at home vs Philly.
    Our defense has to get back to getting pressure on the QB. Where is Jared Allen?
    AP will be fine this week. Favre had a good 2nd half. (Terrible first half by whole team and coaches) Berrian catches a wide open pass and we score again. Kick an extra point and we win in regulation.

    Tough loss, but some points to build upon.

    Enjoy the games on Sunday and remember, we are in the play-offs.

  24. I love Viking fans: the wild combination of obsessed anguish and reckless optimism.

    Five minutes after the game ended, I pulled out some work for next semester and got deep into it. When I reached an impasse, I pulled out a book and read until I knew my eyes were so tired I would fall asleep right away. I was deliberately distracting myself: I didn't want to think about the Vikings. The feeling I had was too familiar, and I didn't have the energy to think about it, much less write about it.

    I realize that if I've lost the energy/will to write after Viking losses, I've become a terrible Viking blogger. I realize also that this means these games mean way too much to me, and they shouldn't mean this much.

    I can't give up until it's over, I just can't stand thinking about the Vikings when it's not going well. Too much is riding on this season: it might be the last chance.

  25. Anonymous3:27 PM

    I believe in Favre, if he gets decent protection and the creative freedom to open up the offense, the Vikes may be able to put up enough points to help our defense that gets constantly burned when it can't pressure the QB.
    Now whether or not Chilly lets Favre do his thing, that's what will be interesting to see

  26. Travis4:41 PM

    S K O L

  27. Anonymous3:00 PM

    If i were the Vikings Def Coordinator I would use my dime package all game with the exception of short yardage situations. That will keep Brinkley off the fild. Put Winfield on Boss the entire game. He should be fine covering a TE and can help out in the run being near the line. If they don't scheme for the TE they are going to get burned all day. BOL

  28. Anonymous9:19 PM

    Why not put put winfield in at safety to help in stuffing the run, blitzing, or covering over the top? I also like the idea of having him in on the dime package.

  29. Anonymous10:30 AM

    Why not just use what got us here?

  30. Anonymous9:15 PM

    Because Jasper Brinkley did not get us here. You can strengthen the defense by having him not on the field and putting Winfield in a position where he can be effective

  31. Anonymous10:15 AM

    Winfield was and always will be a cornerback. He isnt a nickelback. EVERYONE has bad games. He was praticly a hero in the Bengal games and now he is being ripped for one crappy game. To quote the annoying ESPN guys, "C'mon man". 2 hours to game time when the Vikes will prove you wrong about Winfield. Brinkley...cant argue that.