Monday, October 05, 2009

Tonight's The Night

Ponder the words of Pink my friends:

"Well tonight's the night; I'm gonna get it right; Gonna hit the scene with my friends; Tonight's the night, I'm a feel alright; Feel alright again."

For all of you at work (like me) have fun suffering through the workday in anticipation waiting for the great showdown tonight.

I am going to a bar to watch the game. Reflections on the game will be posted tomorrow morning.

Holy Hitter


  1. A Pink quote? Methinks you might be spending too much time on that college campus of yours.

  2. I've been at work for what feels like 20 hours... what?? it's only 12:30? (sigh)

  3. Anonymous1:51 PM


    Just because you don't diversify your musical tastes, doesn't mean you can judge me. I think people need to appreciate a good lyrical line (especially one that hopefully describes Vikings fans after tonight.) is almost 2 p.m. and I feel like the day will never end.

  4. J'Rod4:16 PM

    I would like to hear your thought process in choosing to apply that lyric to the Viking's game. What the hell, man?

  5. Anonymous10:17 AM

    I imagined Brett Favre singing them.....