Sunday, August 02, 2009

Viking Blizzard

Minnesota Viking Training Camp Reports

Jim Corbett, USA Today

Kevin Seifert, ESPN


SI's Don Banks talks to Adrian Peterson.

Percy Harvin signs (ESPN).

Fox's Alex Marvez writes the column that feels like a lot of columns we've already read in the last week.

Highlights from Camp, including Sage to Bernard (Pioneer Press).

Adrian Peterson is trying to be part of the passing game (Star Tribune).

Tarvaris Jackson's injury (Access Vikings). has a Training Camp Hub to help you keep up.

Grant's Tomb on actually feeling upset that the Vikings are disrespected for being accursed.

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  1. Anonymous11:09 AM

    While many parrots are writing about whose feelings might be hurt, they are missing stories, or are inadequately addressing stories, like Peterson in the passing game. Few things would make the Vikings offense less predictable than Peterson becoming even a decent blocker, and if he fails to make that improvement this year, his professionalism should be questioned loudly. Good defensive coordinators, like the late Jim Johnson, just have it too easy when the running back can't block, because the offense's playbook shrinks very significantly. If guys like Walter Payton and Emmitt Smith made themselves not just decent, but truly great blockers, there isn't a reason in the world, besides lack of dedication, that Peterson won't become at least adequate at this skill, which is so important to a team winning.