Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Why do I have faith in Sage Rosenfels? Because I'm impressed with his efficiency numbers the last two seasons. He completed over 65% of his passes and averaged over 7.5 yards per attempt. I think he's a solid quarterback that, in a good situation, will stand in the pocket and make good throws.

Why am I not worried about Rosenfels' penchant for throwing interceptions? His interception rate the last two seasons was over 5.3%. This is a concern, but it's relative. Last year Gus Frerotte's interception rate was 5.0%. Last year Brett Favre's interception rate was 4.2%. It's not like letting Frerotte go and missing out on Favre means now suddenly the Vikes have a QB that throws a lot of INTs. And I just don't have faith that Tarvaris Jackson will become anything other than a bad QB capable of decent games in good situations against bad defenses.

At Access Vikings, Chip Scoggins quotes Rosenfels on the situation:

“I think the whole thing was sort of a weird circumstance. I understand what the organization was trying to do. We’re back to where we were when I came here, competing with Tarvaris for the starting job. I’m excited for training camp.” [...] “I’ve been really busy over the last few months,” [...] “It’s not something I followed every day like the media has. For me, it hasn’t been nearly as stressful as it was maybe for some other people out there. I’ve taken the approach of whatever happens is going to happen.”

That's the sort of mellow approach I expect from a fellow raised in "something of a hippie lifestyle" (USA Today). Hippies are awesome.


  1. Anonymous9:12 PM

    I wasn't thrilled with Favre coming in, but that is just because one shouldn't get thrilled about a 40 year old qb. Favre was pretty good until he got hurt last year, but again, the odds are that a 40 year old is going to get hurt.

    The next chronically dumb story about the Vikings will be that Rosenjacks' fragile psyche, or even more dumb, the entire team's, is terribly bruised from the knowledge that Childress wanted to take another date to the Prom. Whatta' buncha' manure. The Vikings will either get effective qb play, or they won't, and the team will either benefit from it or not, and the last few months of Favreophilia doesn't have anything to do with it.

    I heard Joe Gibbs on ESPN last week, and a guy who won three Super Bowls with three qbs might have some insight on the matter. He said that any guy whose performance suffered as a result of the knowledge that the coach was looking to upgrade the personnel wasn't going to be any good anyhow. I believe him.

  2. Yes, I'm seeing that narrative frequently now (I may post a chronicle of links to various versions of it). It's something we've discussed on this blog before. The idea that you can't try improve your roster because you might hurt the feelings of the players already on your roster is, obviously absurd. And what I rarely see in this narrative is any evidence (sometimes not even the claim) that these hurt feelings will negatively impact the QB's on-the-field performance (which is really all that matters).

  3. Anonymous6:21 PM

    Unless you have Jay "[sexist-slur]" Cutler on your squad.