Wednesday, June 24, 2009


What If Sports simulates the 2009 season, and the Vikings run away with the NFC North (via Pancake Blocks).

At the National Football Post, Michael Lombardi has some negative things to say about Brad Childress (via SI).

Peter King typically sides (in strong language) with management against players in any contract dispute; at the National Football Post, Ray Gustini effectively takes down King's criticism of Nick Collins as "either laziness or disingenuousness" for "misrepresenting" the situation. I think it is a bad thing when a reporter is overly willing to accept management's line; it may make him unwilling or unable to look closer, and more likely to write in gross stereotypes. In this case, as Gustini notes, "King positions Collins as the prototypical straw man: the ungrateful young DB who won’t stoop to play football for a mere $3 million a year; unappreciative of the front office that worked so hard to provide him with a scrupulously fair rookie contract; and uncouth enough to demand 'monster money' from the publicly owned Green Bay Packers."

In the Pioneer Press, Charley Walters says the T-Wolves trade is bad, because "The No. 5 pick in the draft won't be as talented as Foye." Then the Wolves should probably pass on the pick, because Randy Foye kind of sucks.

At, Chase Stuart shows the awesomeness of Steve Smith.


  1. Let's not forget that according to King it was perfectly fine for Brett Favre to hold out and demand a trade, and he wasn't being greedy or selfish at all.

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